Meet Jeremy Johnson

Thank you for visiting My Abstract Art and Apparel.  My name is Jeremy Johnson and back in 2009 I thought my life was over, then I rediscovered my love of art. 

When I was younger I suffered from balance issues and was told it was due to inner ear problems.  I was finally referred to a ENT surgeon in Chicago, IL with the intention of removing loose crystals in my ears.  Two minutes into the consultation with this new doctor he informed me that it was not an inner ear problem I had, but something in my brain.  After numerous tests, I found out the underlying problem. In late 2009, I was diagnosed with a Pilocytic Astrocytoma brain tumor in the forth ventricle of my brain and cerebellum near to my brain stem. 

February 11, 2010, I had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Doctor Fredric Myers removed 90% of the tumor.  During this procedure, it was unclear how much damage was done to my brain. Dr. Myers warned that my coordination might be comparable to a fish out of the water.  My arms may flop around with no control and I may not be able to walk without assistance. He also stated my recovery would be long and hard, I would always suffer from vertigo, and I would not be able to certain things ever again, like run.  Undeterred, I knew I had to motivate myself to get back to the person I was and do whatever I had to do to get there.

After the surgery, I had double vision and continued to suffer from vertigo, as the doctor said I would, and I was also bored.  Very bored.  So, I decided to give painting a try.  My connection with art was so strong in High School, I thought it may help to revisit my former love.  That was when my life changed, again.  Everything I had been through was a true blessing in disguise.  I found what truly makes me happy and I believe abstract painting is what I was always meant to do.  Creating is so therapeutic.  It is such a great outlet for one’s emotions and something everyone can benefit from, which is why I also started painting parties to help others benefit through art. 

Art is a stepping stone with the ability to pave new paths in one’s life. I’ve realized I have so much to share through my art and so much to give.  I am LIVING my dream.